The Prints Collection

The first acquisitions for the collection date back to 1785 when the notable art historian Izidor Kršnjavi, among other, bought a larger collection of prints for the future museum at an auction of a Catalan painter Mariano Fortuny. Further acquisitions and donations formed a collection of a wide range of topics and forms which includes almost all periods in the development of printmaking from 16th to 21st century. The peculiarities of the development and achievements of print production in the countries of the European cultural circle in the collection are best represented by works of Flemish, French and Italian masters. In this part of the collection with its scope and importance stands out the contextually rounded whole of 150 French baroque prints from the famous edition of the Royal Cabinet of Louis XIV. Through this separate form of graphic production, led by ambitious court orders that were accomplished by leading artists of this period in the area of author and reproductive prints, reflect the specific circumstances which gave impetus to the rise of French printmaking in the second half of the 17th century.

The Croatian prints collection preserves the works of V. Gecan, M. Trepše, M. Kraljević, M. C. Crnčić, Lj. Babić, T. Krizman, M. Uzelac, S. Glumac and contemporary Croatian artists.