Contemporary Artists in the Permanent Collection / Goran Trbuljak

Why would someone buy the Back Wash Sink from Goran Trbuljak? / 11.12.2018 – 1.4.2019

Conceptual artist Goran Trbuljak is a guest author, invited by the Museum to participate in the annual exhibition program entitled Contemporary Artists in the Permanent Collection of MUO. The main goal of this is to initiate a vivid dialog between the forms and meanings of the actual Permanent Collection and contemporary art expression. Trbuljak who is recognized as a confident strategist of playing the role of his own interpreter, curator and critic, by his intervention expresses a characteristic authoritative view of the problem of the artist identity..

Permanent Display

The current permanent display, opened to the public in 1995 according to the ideas of the then director, Vladimir Maleković, and the spatial articulation of architect Marijan Hržić, includes material from almost all the museum collections, chosen according to criteria of quality and representativeness of style. The almost 3000 exhibits displayed on about 2000 square…