Recent Photography

After the exhibition 100 Years of Photography in Croatia (1840-1940) the nucleus of today s recent photography sub collection was formed, through donations of leading Croatian photographers, including, in particular, Tošo Dabac, Mladen Grčević, Marijan Szabo, the brothers Brkan and Oto Hohnjec. In the 1970s the photographs of Jozo Četković, Aleksandar Kukec, Branko Balić, Petar Dabac, Enes Midžić, Zlata Vucelić, Zvonimir Malures, Krešimir Tadić and Nino Vranić. Works of the then younger generation of photographers Josip Klarica, Ivan Posavec, Željko Borčić and Stephan Lupino enriched the museum holdings of the 1980s.

The recent photography subcollection was considerably enhanced and enlarged in the second half of the 1990s and in the first decade of this century with the oeuvres of Mladen Grčević, Milan Pavić, Fernando So prano, Zlata Laura Mizner, Andrija Orlić, Marija Braut, Bolto Ranilović, and a selection of the works of Mladen Tudor, Krešimir Tadić, Mio Vesović and Luka Mjeda. Through the works of artists represented in the recent photography holdings of MUO it is possible to gain an impression of the dominant poetic orientation in Croatian photography over the last six decades: from the final period of socialist realism and the simultaneous appearance of avant-garde tendencies, of the Family of Man of Edward Steichen, of subjective photography, newspaper pho tography and the periodicals Globus and Polet, to the pluralism of post modernism borne out in the diversity of idioms and the processing of the photographic image.