Product Design

The Collection of Product Design is a relatively small collection of about 1,000 items which fifty years after its founding, similarly to Croatian product design, is still looking for its identity. The collection is small partially because many objects are administratively part of other museum collections (furniture, glass, ceramics, metal). In part, however, the cause must be sought in a series of conversions that seized our producers in the last century, where, most often, historical documentation, products and all traces of the past were lightly discarded as waste. However, the main reason for the poverty of this collection is the fact that industrial design in Croatia has never caught up with neither a qualitative nor a quantitative level of graphic design.

Within this very diverse collection are typewriters, sewing machines, television and the radios, as well as glass and metal packaging. A recent aquisition in the holdings of the collection are the best items of the  Jugokeramika company production program, including test series and sketches, drawings and photographic documentation.

Today’s policy collection focused on products made or designed in Croatia, which are manufactured by industrial techniques and technologies.

Collection manager:
Koraljka Vlajosenior curator