Exhibition Slavo Striegl


The exhibition will present the work of Slavo Striegel in separate units, accompanying his work from the very beginning; his earliest works from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, through the most productive phase of his creative work, until the late days of his creative life. The exhibition demonstrates Striegl’s authorial potency and creative continuity, which reinvents and interprets the material of the famous portrait painter from Sisak.

Alexander Rodchenko: Revolution in Photography

Generator of Art Museum of Arts and Crafts in proud to announce the opening of the exhibition „Alexander Rodchenko: Revolution in Photography“ on June 17, 2019. on the occcasion of Days of Moscow in Zagreb. This great exhibition of one of the most prominent photographers, but also artists in general, of the Russian avant-garde, is…

Furniture Industry and Design in Croatia 1945 – 1990

The exhibition Between Wishes and Reality – The Furniture Industry and Design in Croatia 1945 – 1990 focuses on showing the range of factory-made furniture in Croatia from 1945 to the 1990s, and it also defines the issues and contextual units of furniture industry and design. It outlines the production of some of the most…