Marketing and PR Department

By keeping up with the changing needs of visitors for high quality cultural fare, drawing on very high professional and scientific standards, the marketing section adapts the cultural product on offer to the potential users, with constant adjustment and improvement of the quality of communications and public relations.

The Museum of Arts and Crafts had already established itself as a leading museum institution and organiser of important artistic exhibitions and major research-oriented cultural projects based on the Croatian heritage. The work of the marketing and public relations section has from this point of view had an essential impact on the improvement and advancement of communications between the Museum and the environment and the reputation of all museum projects. Using modern marketing strategies, some of the projects, because of the overall scholarly and professional approach and the marketing strategy, have had record numbers of visitors and become outstanding “cultural products” (Art Nouveau in Croatia, for example).

At the same time, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, its indoor and outdoor areas, its restaurant, terrace, atrium and rooms, have achieved a name as being ideal venues for concerts, launches, presentations, events of all kinds, for many artistic organisations, publishers and the business partners of the Museum. For its partners, the Museum is able to supply a number of attractive programmes, from the use of the museum premises for given business needs to systematic promotion of and partnership collaboration on some of the strategic projects.

Thanks to the high level of organisation, the Museum has in the recent period established outstanding collaborative partnerships with a number of the most distinguished Croatian and foreign corporations, with whose support and sponsorship some of the most complex exhibition projects have been successfully produced.

In the future the marketing and public relations division will be oriented to further development of creative marketing partnerships with successful and socially responsible corporate entities.
To satisfy the manifest need for a highly quality souvenir outlet the MUO Shop was founded, its range of products being based on the holdings, and produced with very good cooperation with the Museum Collections and Marketing departments. Opened in conjunction with the exhibition Art Nouveau in Croatia, in the period since then it has excited very considerable interest among the public and completely achieved its task of promoting the Croatian cultural heritage.

Furthering the fundamental mission of the Museum, the Marketing and PR Department has recognised as one of its main assignments placing the Museum in a central slot among the cultural tourism destinations in Zagreb and Croatia, which is bound to be much assisted by the Superbrands Croatia recognition won by the museum in 2009.

Marketing Department:
Vesna Jurić Bulatović
tel. 01/4882-148


Fernando Soprano
tel. 01/4882-123
tel. i fax. 01/4826-917