Collection of Photographic Equipment

In the Collection of Photographic Equipment of the Museum of Arts and Crafts are held cameras of national and international origin, arising from the mid-nineteenth to the late twentieth century.

The collection documents the development of the photographic camera, from the daguerreotype camera (a model from 1841), wooden atelier cameras on wooden boards, ferrotypes, box cameras, stereo cameras, particularly interesting and rare small-size detective cameras, up to roll film cameras and digital cameras. Apart from cameras, the collection stores various types of photographic lenses, shutters, filters, light meters, distance meters. The collection stores additional photographic equipment – tripods, tapes, bags, lamps, accessories for laboratory processing – bowls (porcelain, enamelware, paper), tanks for developing and fixing photographic plates, cabinets for washing plates, bowls for developing photographs, tongs for films, plates, racks for drying plates, thermometers, chemical developers, fixers, and scales for chemicals. The museum also collects copiers and glow devices – frames for copying, enlarging apparatus, lighting and signaling clocks, masks for copying, rubber rollers for high gloss, and devices for photo finishing – presses for photos, crop machines, and accessories for retouching photos.

The Museum houses more than 2,500 objects related to photographs and photographic equipment, and given the extent of the collection and quality of the collected items, the Collection of Photographic Equipment is the most important collection of this kind in Croatia.