Collection of Painting

The Painting Collection of the Museum of Arts and Crafts preserves over 3,000 works of art, paintings, drawings and miniatures of almost all European painting schools and styles, from the Gothic period to present.

The Collection is largely formed of items from private collectors and Croatian nobility who often bequeathed their collections to the Museum.

The periods of Gothic and Renaissance are represented with works of Croatian and Italian masters of the 14th and 15th centuries, of which particularly significant are works of Vittore Carpaccio and Bartolomeo Vivarini. Within the Baroque period stands out a group works by Dutch painters (C.D. Van der Heck, E. Van de Velde, etc.), and among them stand out the works of artists from the Rembrandt’s circle (Jan Victors and Jürgen Ovens).

The collection stores, among other things, representative works of French (Charles Lebrun), Italian (Guido Reni, Il Guercino, Jacopo Bassano, Canaletto, etc.), Spanish (Velazquez school) and Flemish masters (Balthasar van den Bosch). Another very important segment within the collection are the 19th century paintings, among which, along with the works of almost all the artists who worked on the Croatian territory ( M. Stroy, I. Zasche, Lj. Cetinovic, I. Ziegler, V. Porketh and Zagreb miniaturist J. Stager, D. Stark and others), the works of international masters are kept, such as G.F. Waldmüller, F. Amerling, Theodor Peter J. Kriehuber, M. Daffinger. A special unit within the collection is the largest collection of portrait miniatures in the region containing works of numerous European school of painting, and among them especially important Austrian and Croatian masters of the 18th and 19th centuries. No less significant part of the collection is the Croatian painting of the 20th century with hundreds of items of almost all major artists such as Račić, Kraljević, Trepše, Gecan, Hegedušić, Stančić, Murtića, Kulmer, Šebalj, Prica, Nives Kavurić-Kurtović, Vrkljan, Kipke, Rončević and others.

The permanent exhibition displays 150 paintings, including some works of these artists, but still the largest part of the collection is available to the public only during temporary exhibitions.

Miroslav Gašparović, director, collection manager

Petra Milovac, collection curator