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Museum of Arts and Crafts is open to public on INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL PLATFORMS From 360 view walk through the museum, online exhibitions of the permanent display, wedding dresses, as well as wristwatches, European Art Nouveau heritage, all the way to tens of thousands of digitized museum objects available to the public.

One of the largest and oldest art museums in Croatia, the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb has its online doors open to visitors and art lovers for exhibitions on large international digital platforms. The platforms are a result of many years of museum content digitization work and almost ten years of cooperation with partner museums and institutions on numerous international cultural projects such as Google Art and Culture, EU projects exporting data to the Europe’s largest online cultural platform Europeana, international EU project of digitization of European Art Nouveau heritage Partage plus, digitized holdings at the Athena Plus platform, EU project platform of the Sustainable protection and promotion of Art Nouveau heritage in the Danube Region, Museum With No Frontiers and the latest digital platform for preservation and exchange of knowledge of traditional craftsmen and designers – MADE IN.

Owing to Google Arts and Culture, MUO offers a virtual walk and discovers art collections and museum holdings on this grand online platform. The Museum of Arts and Crafts is the first museum in Croatia to join Google Cultual Institute in 2016 which developed into Google Arts & Culture. It is possible to see art trough the 360° View browser, and discover stories of three digital exhibitions. As part of Google’s project “We Wear Culture” in which the Museum of Art also participated next to world’s leading museums, you can see the museum collection of Fashion – the exhibition of wedding dresses from “For Better of for Worse“, and “A Century of the Wristwatch“.

Also, one of the most important and leading platforms at which the museum is present is Europeana – the largest European online cultural platform of digitized content open for research. MUO completed two major projects, Partage Plus and Athena Plus with a final outcome visble on Europeana. As part of the Athena Plus project, MUO delivered as many as 51,705 digitized records of objects from the museum’s holdings while participating in the international European Art Nouveau Heritage Digitization Project Partage Plus the museum exported objects from the Art Nouveau period. The project has created a database of as many as 75,000 digital records, including 2,000 3D models of expertly selected items of which 5176 records and 135 3D models from Croatia.
MUO is also present at an already well-known international platform Museum With No Frontiers, which is a large thematic virtual museum. In collaboration with MWNF, the museum experts developed two thematic digital exhibitions, Discover Baroque Art and Discover Carpert Art featuring European Baroque objects and texts from the museum holdings.

The latest, latest platform and initiative MADE IN, presented at the MUO exhibition of the same name in February this year as part of the Museum’s 140th anniversary celebrations, brings its archive of knowledge and dialogue between traditional craftsmen and contemporary designers while preserving traditional crafts.

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