Matjaž Počivavšek : sine cera. cum cera 19/10–19/11

sine cera. cum cera

The Museum of Arts and Crafts is opening a large exhibition of recent works by one of the prominent Slovenian sculptors, Matjaž Počivavšek, on October 12th, 2017.

Artist’s unique artistic expression is reflected in this new series where he is using precious metals, ebony, iron, bronze and granite, but also a new, traditionally non-sculptural material – wax.

Počivavšek’s ideal has always been a sculpture created without the intervention of the human hand – acheiropoieton. Thus, in the process of making iron monoliths, the author is introducing:”the material of wax, which he does not use, as one might expect, as an independent mouldable material for the modelling or pouring of bronze, rather, with the introduction of the new material he has gone on testing and problematising the area of the interrelations of contrasting material properties – of wax and iron.  Apart from that, the form is changed – the sculptures have become monumental, monoliths appearing, of almost primordial import and strength.   In these very shifts, and in the process of combining iron and wax, however paradoxical it might sound, he has introduced the process of controlled fortuity.  Through the controlled pouring of wax onto iron, which with its texture and colour settles on the iron support, new material relations are created between the soft and sequacious wax and the hard ferrous base. Apart from that, the relation between the permanence of iron and the temporality, gentleness and suppleness of wax must also be a kind of sculptorly Yin and Yang.” (from the preface by the exhibition curator and the Museum of Arts and Crafts director Miroslav Gašparović)

The name of the exhibition sine cera. cum cera (without wax. with wax) is a clear indicator of the artist’s strong commitment to the historical, spiritual and metaphorical as sine cera signifies that which is authentic, untouched by wax – without the intervention of the hand.
The exhibition will remain open until November 19th.


Matjaž Počivavšek was born in 1955 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (1978), specializing in sculpture (1980). Počivavšek took courses at the New York Studio School in New York (1980/81) and at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1983/86). He has been teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana since 1996. He currently lives and works in Ljubljana and Paris.