Arik Brauer : The New Haggadah

3 – 16 April 2017
The exhibition is part of the 11th FESTIVAL OF TOLERANCE – JFF Zagreb
Arik Brauer: From Generation to Generation / New Haggadah
Opening of the exhibition on Tuesday, 3 April 2017, at 19:00
at the Museum of Arts and Crafts
Illustrations of Arik Brauer offer a new and intense perspective of key events in Jewish history and fit in with the important principle – the transfer of traditions and memories from one generation to another, and the stories are read from the richly illustrated book – Haggadah. Brauer is a prominent Austrian draftsman, printmaker, poet, dancer, singer and stage designer, one of the founders of the Viennese school of fantastic realism, art movement from the Second World War, formed in the mid-1950s. The exhibition “From generation to generation / New Haggadah” consists of 25 illustrations, 50 x 45 cm. The rhibition announces the eleventh edition of the Festival of Tolerance, which will be held in April in Zagreb (offering more than sixty movies, a rich program of exhibitions, concerts, book presentations, panel discussions and educational activities).