The Nutcracker – A Magnificent Christmas Tale

The Museum of Arts and Crafts as the finale of this year’s exhibition season, organizes a brilliant exhibition. In more than one hundred and twenty years of Nutcracker’s performance, the ballet’s fame does not wane, and the Nutcracker has become a must on the Christmas repertoire of all major theatres.
27 November 2016 – 26 February 2017


13/12/2016 – 29/01/2017

A new series of paintings by Matko Vekić

Matko Vekić : Orienta(lisa)tion

13/12/2016 – 29/01/2017 Museum of Arts and Crafts Orienta(lisa)tion is a new series of paintings by Matko Vekić, consisting of two thematic sections – Jihad and The Mask of God’s image. Although they seemingly have no common denominator, what links them is the artist’s artistic expression as they simultaneously arise, interact and develop. “His paintings…