MADE IN project
Artisans’ archives on show

The travelling exhibition, a result of a two years research of the traditional cultures of making as well as contemporary design in four countries, is now on show at MAO in Ljubljana. Read about it in the Domus magazine, MAO website, and project website: WHY MADE IN? The MADE IN syntagma in the title…

Livestream of the Antiphonus Concert

Livestream of Antiphonus concert for the restoration of the damaged MUO holdings Friday, 15 May, 2020 at 8 p.m. Cultural life rises from the ashes, and with the singing of the phoenix Antiphonus summons the dawn from the damaged yet living Museum of Arts and Crafts. Neither the earthquake nor the evil virus deprived you of Gesualdo’s Responsories…

Museum online

Museum of Arts and Crafts is open to public on INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL PLATFORMS From 360 view walk through the museum, online exhibitions of the permanent display, wedding dresses, as well as wristwatches, European Art Nouveau heritage, all the way to tens of thousands of digitized museum objects available to the public. One of the largest…

Museum of Arts and Crafts struck by an earthquake

On 22nd March the Croatian capital was stuck with a 5.4 magnitude earthquake, the strongest in this area in the last 140 years, and in a period of quarantine caused by the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. The damage in the city and its surroundings, including the museum, is severe.